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Silberhartlotstangen mit niedrigem Schmelzpunkt zum Löten im Modellbau high-alloyed silver solder 1mm / 1,5mm
We have silver braided bars with a silver content of 55% (L-Ag55) with a length of 500mm. Because of the relatively low melting point of this silver braze, the model builder in the field of technical model building is almost exclusively...
From €3.95 *
Profilgeschliffene Spiralbohrer HSS steel drills
Here you can find profiled HSS steel drills. These spiral drills have a metallic silver color, which is caused by the fact that the drills are not rolled like in the black roll-drilled drills but are cut and milled from the full. Only...
From €0.90 *
Silberlotpaste ist eine Kombination aus Silberlot und Flussmittel soldering paste
Ready-to-use and dosing silver solder paste, 56% silver content (L-Ag55) with the working temperature 650 ° C. The silver solder paste is suitable for fine brazing. The hard solder paste is suitable for creating almost invisible...
Content 10 Gramm (€160.00 * / 100 Gramm)
€16.00 *
Flussmittel für Silberlot zum besseren Fließen des Lotes im Modellbau Flußmittel für Silberlot
Flußmittel haben beim Hartlöten die Aufgabe, die auf den Lötflächen vorhandene Oxydschichten zu lösen, zu entfernen und deren Neubildung während des Lötens zu verhindern. Das Flussmittel ist auf die Arbeitstemperatur von unserem...
Content 0.05 Kilogramm (€142.00 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €7.10 *
Powder coating gun Powder coating gun
With this powder coating machine, you can easily apply powder coatings to materials such as metal, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. In addition, you can also use the powder coating system to coat non-conductive materials such as ceramic...
€98.90 *
Hochtemperatur Weichlot zum Weichlöten von Bauteilen im Modellbau High temperature soft solder
High temperature soft solder with a melting point of 250 ° C is suitable for fittings, pipelines and components on steam engines, Stirling engines and flame eaters. The soft solder is filled with a flux that burns without residue when...
€2.10 *
Maschinen-Reibahlen in Industriequalität zum Anfertigen von maßgenauen Bohrungen Machine reamers
Machine reamers for the production of dimensionally accurate bores. By rubbing with a reamer, not only good shape and dimensional accuracy, but also good surface quality is achieved. This is of crucial importance when manufacturing...
From €19.00 *
Lötziegel als Lötunterlage bei Lötarbeiten im Modellbau soldering brick
The white soldering brick is ideal as a soldering base for brazing and soldering in model building. The solder seal can be cut as required. In addition, soldering and holding needles can be inserted very easily into the brick in order to...
From €7.30 *
Gewindebohrer nach DIN 371 mit Vierkant zum Handgewindeschneiden Taps DIN 371
Thanks to their square grinding, our machine thread drills are also suitable as hand-held tap drills. You have the choice between through-hole tap drills (blind hole drills) and basic drill tap drills. The through-hole tap is suitable...
From €9.70 *
Ersatzpulverbehälter für die NordicPulver Pulverpistole Spare part Powder container
The spare powder containers are supplied with a screw cap so that you can store the powder dry. With powdered powder containers, the color change in the powder coating is significantly faster from the hand. The spare powder containers...
€4.80 *
Verzinnungspaste zum verzinnen von größeren Bauteilen Soft soldering paste
Soft soldering paste for brass, copper, steel and silver steel. The paste is applied thinly to the parts to be tinned and heated with a brazing lamp. For large-area soft soldering, it is optimal to tin- the parts beforehand. For example,...
Content 50 Gramm (€17.00 * / 100 Gramm)
From €8.50 *
Sehr dünner Silberlotdraht zum Löten kleinster Lötstellen im Modellbau Silver solder wire
The silver solder wire is suitable for particularly fine soldering points in model making, crafts, industry or jewelery trade. Silver solder wire is only 0.5mm thick and can be very finely dosed. We supply you the silver braided wire as...
€13.20 *
Spezielles Öl für Flammenfresser von Bengs Modellbau Flame eater oil
The Flame eater oil from Bengs Modellbau is particularly suitable for lubricating the pistons and cylinders of flame-eaters in technical model construction. The flame-eater oil is an oil, based on white oil. It is liquid as water,...
Content 0.1 Liter (€52.00 * / 1 Liter)
€5.20 *
Satin wheel Satin wheel
These satin wheel are available in fine, medium and coarse grain sizes. You can use these satin wheel to clean the surface or the material you have started. Optimum cleaning of the satin wheel also brazed components but also to remove a...
From €2.10 *
Flussmittelummantelte Silberlotstangen zum Hartlöten ohne zusätzliches Flussmittel Flux-coated High-silver Brazing Alloy
For the somewhat coarser soldering work in the model making, craft or industry, we have flux coated silver solder bars with the diameter 1,5mm or 2mm. The flux range for the silver solder is between 500 ° C and 800 ° C. A further...
From €9.50 *
high-temperature adhesive tape high-temperature adhesive tape
The high-temperature adhesive tape made of polyester is suitable for masking components that are to be powder coated. The adhesive tape is temperature resistant up to 200 ° C. With the high-temperature adhesive tape, you can cover the...
From €7.90 *
Schleifvlies zum Vorbereiten und Säubern von Lötstellen abrasive fleece
This abrasive fleece or cleaning fleece is suitable for cleaning all metallic surfaces, preparing for brazing or soldering. But even after the brazing with silver solder and flux the pads are very good for cleaning the soldering seam....
€6.90 *
Schwarzbeize für Messing Kupfer und Bronze black oxide Nerofor for Brass
Browning stains for the brassing of brass, copper and bronze are used in model building as well as in many other areas in order to obtain anthracite to black metal surfaces depending on the duration of exposure and metal type....
Content 0.05 Liter (€248.00 * / 1 Liter)
From €12.40 *
Lötlampe zum Hartlöten von der Firma CFH Blowtorch Lötmeister PZ5000
The gas blowtorch has a sturdy and durable plastic foot. This soldering torch is suitable for brazing and soldering. The flame size can be adjusted via a rotary wheel. The Bunsen burner has a maximum working temperature of 730 ° C and a...
From €1.90 *
Spiralbohrersatz für den Modellbau HSS steel drill bit set
This HSS steel drill bit set consists of 49 profile ground drills. The spiral drills have a particularly high concentricity and dividing accuracy, as well as precise tip grinding. They recognize profile-ground drills on the bare surface....
From €79.30 *
Hongerät für geringe Durchmesser honing tool
This honing tool is an idial tool for model builders to drill holes. With the honing machine, the surface quality of e.g. Improve cylinder bores decisively. The small honing tool are suitable for producing cylinder bores for Stirling...
From €13.20 *
Steckschlüssel Mikro zum einfachen Bedienen von Schrauben im Modellbau socket wrench
The socket wrench has a 2-component power staple with a torque- and comfort-optimized grip zone. The blade is made of chrome-vanadium steel, chrome-plated. The socket wrench has a rotatable centering cap. We have the twist grip socket...
€8.70 *
JB weld Kleber der härteste Kleber der Welt JB Weld Adhesive - 2K epoxy resin adhesive
JB Weld is considered to be the strongest glue in the world! It was developed 30 years ago in the USA and sold millions of times. It is located in almost every household. The 2-component epoxy resin adhesive is universally applicable and...
From €12.90 *
soldering torch soldering torch
With this soldering torch you can braze or solder both fine parts, as well as larger components. No matter whether in model making, craftsmanship or in the goldsmith's shop. You get three different soldering nozzles (small, medium,...
€37.80 *
Spezialöl für Dampfmaschinen Hot steam oil
This hot steam oil for model building is ideal for the operation of real steam models. The hot steam oil is very viscous and also adheres very well to hot components. When a model steam generator is operated with steam, normal oil (for...
Content 0.1 Liter (€50.00 * / 1 Liter)
€5.00 *
Parallel zwinge wird auch Spannhand genannt parallel clamps
Our parallel clamps or clamping jaws are excellently suitable for clamping parts to be brazed or welded. Thus, the parallel clamp is a good soldering accessory. Since the parallel clamp is made entirely of metal, it is not a problem if...
From €13.70 *
Feingewindebohrersatz zum Herstellen von Feingewinden im Modellbau screw tap fine thread
You can choose between two different types of taps, namely hand thread drills (pre-cut and finished cutters) and machine thread drills (incision thread drills). Both the manual thread drills and the machine thread drills have a square...
From €12.40 *
Zentrierbohrer zum Zentrieren von Bohrungen auf einer Drehbank Center Drills
These Hss Center Drills are ground, ground and spiral-grooved. The centering drills offered by Bengs Modellbau have industrial quality and are suitable for almost all materials used in model making. You can machine brass, copper, steel,...
From €4.50 *
Feingewindeschneideisen zum Anfertigen von außenliegenden Feingewinden im Modellbau Dies Metric fine thread
These Dies Metric fine thread are made of HSS steel. We supply you only cutting-edge taps and taps in industrial quality so that you can enjoy your tools for a long time. Fine threads are well suited for use in model making, as the...
From €13.40 *
Kantentaster für kleine Fräsen edge finder 6mm shaft
This mechanical edge tester is a simple but effective tool for the "ancratch" on the milling machine. If you are looking for the zero point on a workpiece, clamp the edge probe into the drill chuck or the chuck of the milling cutter....
€5.60 *
countersink 90° countersink 90°
The conical countersinks with 3 cutting edges are sanded radially and the chip spaces are ground from the solid. The conical sinker is suitable for producing 90 ° countersinks. You can sink DIN 7991 countersunk screws here. The conical...
From €9.60 *
Ring-Maulschlüssel aus eigener Fertigung für den Modellbau Model building wrench
The wrenches are milled from our own production of 2mm brass flat material. Due to their filigree design, they are particularly suitable for tight spots on your technical models. Of course, the keys are not as strong as steel wrenches,...
From €3.00 *
Handentgrater aus bruchfestem Kunststoff oder Alluminium zum Entgraten Blade hand deburring tool
Blade hand deburring tool small Hand burr handle with rotatable, replaceable blades. Easy handling, the blade of the Entgraters adapts itself automatically to the contours of the workpiece. The hand deburrer is made of break-resistant...
From €3.00 *
Entgratkopf aus HSS mit 90° Schneide zum Entgraten von Bohrungen deburring head HSS 90 ° countersink
With the 90 ° deburring head made of HSS steel, you can also deburr very small holes cleanly and quickly. The deburring head is clamped in a handgripper handle (not included in the scope of delivery) and can then be rotated by hand. The...
From €22.20 *
Keramiklötplatte zum Löten von kleinen Teilen im Modellbau ceramic brazing plate 150mm x 100mm
This ceramic brazing plate is ideal for all soldering work. The ceramic brazing plate is provided with 2.9mm mounting holes, so that the parts to be soldered can be fixed well on the soldering pad. The ceramic brazing plate is ideal for...
From €8.30 *
HSS Fräser zum Fräsen von Kleinteilen für den Modellbau Hss Milling cutter
Hss Milling cutter with 3 cutting edges. The face cutting geometry is suitable for dipping. Universal cutting geometry for universal use on your milling machine. The Hss cutters can be used as a long hole and end mill. Ideal for use in...
From €8.80 *
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