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Internal combustion engines

Under this section you will find material kits for model combustion engines. The combustion engine kits are constructed in the same way as our other kits. All milled parts have already been milled by us. All turned parts are included as raw material sections. Of course, the kit includes all the necessary screws, nuts, ball bearings , seals and especially in the kits for model building stationary engines also all the parts required for ignition such as: breaker, Spark plug or Ignition capacitor. So that if you decide to build a kit from Bengs Modellbau, you will have all the parts to build a working and running model combustion engine in your workshop.

We have a small model, Combustion engine "Little Karl" which is also suitable for beginners in technical model making. The Karl stationary motor is suitable for model makers who have a lathe that can machine a 140mm flywheel.