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Welcome to Bengs Modellbau 

 Your specialist for material kits on the subject of flame eaters, Stirling engines, steam engines and internal combustion engines. We provide you with model building material kits with which you can build a complete model building machine in your model building workshop. Discover a wide range of tools, workshop supplies, machine tools, soldering accessories, materials, semi-finished products and parts for technical model making. 
We also have a number of products to choose from when it comes to powder coating. On our Bengs model making website we present our entire product range. The range is constantly being expanded, so it's worth checking back regularly. There is always something new to discover.

Welcome to Bengs Modellbau

 We are your specialist for material kits for flame eaters, Stirling engines, steam engines, drive models, and combustion engines. With us, you can get high-quality model building material kits from our own development and production, with which you can assemble your own model machine in your workshop. Furthermore, we offer you a wide range of tools, workshop supplies, machine tools, soldering accessories, materials, semi-finished products, and parts for technical model building. On the Bengs Model Building website, we present our complete product range to you. We continuously expand our offerings, so it's worth checking back regularly. There's always something new to discover with us to enrich your model building projects.

About us

 The company Bengs Modellbau was founded in 2003. We started out exclusively as a supplier of parts for steam model building. After some time, the first material kit for a steam engine was added. The area of kits developed so well that from 2004 onwards, in addition to steam engines, we also produced the first Flame Eater model, the Flame Eater  “Nick” were able to offer. The flame eater “Nick” is still very popular with model makers in Germany and abroad. To mark this occasion, an enlarged model of this popular flame eater was available from the end of 2005. To round off the range of hot air engines, the first Stirling engine followed in 2005. With the material kit for the Stirling engine "Laura" you can build a small Stirling engine yourself.  This was followed by model building material sets for steam engines, Stirling engines and flame eaters. Particularly popular is the model of the steam engine "Donatus"  it is a standing Bock steam engine with a centrifugal governor. In order to bring technical model building closer to beginners, we have published the material kit for the steam engine “Danni”. A small horizontal steam engine with slide control. For the tenth anniversary of Beng's model making, we have released a horizontal Stirling engine as a material kit. The Laura Stirling engine is a very powerful model Stirling engine that can run for 10 hours on one tank full. 

From the end of 2014 we will present you the first kit with which you can build a functioning model combustion engine in model size, the 4-strokeCombustion engine “Karl “. In addition to the constantly expanding range of kits, we have also continually expanded our range of tools and materials for the model maker. We now offer both copper pipes, brass pipes, brass semi-finished products, screws and also O-rings in our model making shop. When it comes to tools, we limit our offerings exclusively to tools that we also use in our model workshop. Many of the tools needed to build a steam engine, Stirling engine or flame eater cannot be found in hardware stores, which is why we have a wide range of tools for technical model building. We ourselves have been using the taps, reamers and silver solder we offer for many years.

Now not only many model makers appreciate our model building tools, but also many Customers from other industries. We also offer you an extensive selection of articles on the subject of powder coating. We provide you with a simple powder gun or thePower Coat 4 PRO powder coating device. Of course, you can order the required coating powder, high-temperature adhesive tape or dust masks from us. We ourselves use both powder coating guns in our workshop and can recommend them to both model builders and tradespeople.

Our Offer

  • Material kits: Pre-milled material kits for flame eaters (hot air engines), Stirling engines, steam engines, burners and combustion engines. 
  • Model building accessories: Extensive range of parts for steam model building and functional model building. 
  • Tools: An attractive selection of high-quality tools, soldering accessories, dies and taps for technical model making. 
  • Model building material: The complete range of sealing elements, flywheels, screws and semi-finished products. 
  • Powder coating: Depending on your needs, you can get 2 different powder coating guns from us for powder coating yourself.

Stirling engine Rainer with centrifugal governor material kit
The original Britain, America and France had introduced several notable hot air engines by 1850. Surprisingly, Germany had not produced any significant innovations in this area up to this point, it was not until 1867 that the German Wilhelm Lehmann produced a significant innovation in the field of hot air machines. A late innovation, but an impressive one: the Lehmann air expansion engine!The model Stirling engine Rainer The model of the Lehmann Stirling engine has a total length of 285 millimeters. When designing our Stirling engine, we tried to keep it as close to the original as possible. However, it is not a 100% copy of the original. Our model is operated with an alcohol burner. The burner is firmly screwed to the oak base plate. The cooling jacket, which was a solid casting in the original, is assembled from several milled brass parts and soft-soldered. Just like the original Lehmann Stirling engine, the model has a functional centrifugal governor that can regulate the speed of the hot air machine. As with the original, the centrifugal governor opens a valve that allows the air in the Stirling's working chamber to escape. The 140 mm diameter flywheel is made from a very clean cast steel. In addition, the Stirling engine has a 48mm pulley that could be used to drive small drive models, for example.Speed control via centrifugal governor This Stirling engine has a working centrifugal governor. When the speed is sufficient, the balls of the regulator rise. This moves a lever that operates a valve. If the valve is opened, the working air can escape from the displacement cylinder. Due to the reduced pressure, the Stirling process no longer works optimally and the engine reduces its speed. To set the desired speed, you can adjust the spring tension of the valve using a handwheel during operation.Dimensions of the model Stirling engine Base plate: 255mm x 120mm Flywheel: 140mm Pulley: 48mm Total height: 210mm Working piston: 28mm Displacer piston: 25mm Length overall: 285mmThe “Rainer” Stirling engine material kit is included in delivery Wooden base plate Finished milled parts Brass, steel, stainless steel and silver steel Raw material for the turned parts Cylinder sleeve made of precision tube flywheel All required screws, nuts, gaskets, grub screws and wick Construction plan model Stirling "Rainer" drawings (14 sheets) and construction instructions (9 sheets)

Power Coat 4 PRO powder coating system
The Power Coat 4 PRO is a high-quality powder coating system for small to large areas. You will receive the powder coating gun in a high-quality plastic case in which everything has its place. This powder gun is significantly more robust than our standard powder coating system. This makes it suitable for use in commercial businesses and for ambitious DIY enthusiasts. Advantages of powder coating over painting: Ready to use immediately without drying time Extremely robust and abrasion-resistant Optimal corrosion protection Environmentally friendly as no solvents Absolutely uniform surface quality Coating remains elastic e.g. for springs The Power Coat 4 PRO has a 500 ml powder container so that even larger areas can be coated with powder without having to refill the coating powder in the meantime. Another advantage of this device is that there is a water separator and a pressure regulator directly on the powder gun. This makes setting the correct pressure much easier. Scope of delivery: Powder coating device with Schuko earthing plug, stable ground clamp, water separator and pressure regulator Two 500ml powder containers to screw into the coating gun Funnel for easy filling of the powder containers Sturdy case for storage 14 pages German operating instructions The Power Coat 4 PRO powder coating device is suitable for many different powder coating applications. With this powder coating system, even the smallest components can be easily powder coated. Even larger parts are no problem thanks to the 500 ml powder container. Our powder coating systems are very often used in the restoration of old motorcycles or cars. With this system it is possible to coat entire motorcycle frames or rims with powder varnish for coating. The result is indistinguishable from industrial powder coating. Powder coating is also very often used in technical model making because the finished surface is extremely robust, scratch-resistant and provides good corrosion protection. Application examples powder coating of vintage car parts Powder coat motorcycle parts Powder coat rims Powder coating of small parts in technical model making This powder gun is a Tribo powder coating system. The powder becomes statically charged in the barrel of the gun due to the friction on various materials. The device is connected to the earth conductor of the socket via a ground terminal and a Schuko plug, which means the component is grounded. Due to the electrostatic charge generated during the run, the coating powder adheres to the workpiece. This effect allows you to coat a variety of materials. The charging occurs when the powder particles touch the wall of the barrel of the powder gun, causing electrons to be released from the Teflon™ barrel. The powder paint particles are separated from the spray gun faster than the charge can be redistributed. This means that the powder particles remain charged and stick to any material. You do not need any additional electricity for the tribo process. The included plug is only the ground connection of the device. Power Coat 4 PRO can process all coating powders that are suitable for Tribo systems. Here in our online shop you will find suitable spare parts for the powder coating system. p> Coating wood, tiles and glass In contrast to conventional powder coating systems, this powder gun coating system can also be used to coat wood, tiles and glass. Since these materials are not conductive, the ground terminal cannot be connected here. This makes applying the powder a little more difficult. You should first make a sample to test the properties of the material and its behavior during powder coating. What else is needed (not included) Compressor Extension hose oven for burning (min. 200c ° from a small household oven to our)  

high-alloyed silver solder 1mm / 1,5mm
We have silver braided bars with a silver content of 55% (L-Ag55) with a length of 500mm. Because of the relatively low melting point of this silver braze, the model builder in the field of technical model building is almost exclusively concerned. The working temperature of this hard solder is 630 ° C. The silver as an alloying component in the solder does not only reduce the working temperature, but also improves the flow properties. Furthermore, silver has the positive property of combining well with other metals. For brazing brass and steel, silver solder flux is essential. The low working temperature of the silver solder bars allows the thermal load to be as low as possible for the processed material. It is important not to heat the workpieces too much, especially in the case of brass. In combination with our silver solder flux you achieve with these silver solder always optimal results. The silver braided bars can be purchased from us in the shop in 2 different diameters. For fine soldering as it often happens in technical model construction we recommend the 1mm rods. The 1mm silver braided bars are easy to carry with the hand and can be easily melted with small burners. For larger parts we prefer the 1.5 mm silver solder bars. With these rods you get faster material to the soldering point if needed. What can be brazed?The following materials can be combined with silver solder: brass, copper, gunmetal, gray cast iron, rusting steels and stainless steel. A combination of the materials among each other is easily possible with this silver braze solder. If the material is not known to you, it is always recommended to solder a piece to the sample beforehand. This allows you to determine whether the materials can be combined with the silver braze.Instructions Brazing with silver solder If you have never worked on silver solder and you are not sure how the exact solder brazing procedure is with silver solder, we can help you before you buy the silver solder. We have created a guide for you in our Bengs Modellbaumagazin on the topic "Brazing with silver solder". Here you can find out what you need and have to consider if you want to solder 2 components with silver solder. Tip: Flux residues and discoloration of the material can be optimally eliminated with our satin brushes or abrasive fleece!Characteristics of the silver solder bars500 mm long. 1mm or 1.5mm diameter Silver solder bars L-Ag55 (55% silver) Working temperature 630 ° C Bengs Modellbau has used this silver solder bars for years.  

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Model maker magazine

Our Bengs model building magazine is its own page with lots of interesting content. There you will find detailed construction reports for most of our material kits. We also publish pictures of customer models there. You can get your own ideas from these beautiful photos. It's also very exciting to see how differently the kits are implemented in the end. You will also find many tips and tricks on the subject of technical model building in our Bengs model building magazine.

(In German language only)