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Satin wheel Satin wheel
These satin wheel are available in fine, medium and coarse grain sizes. You can use these satin wheel to clean the surface or the material you have started. Optimum cleaning of the satin wheel also brazed components but also to remove a...
From €2.30 *
Handentgrater aus bruchfestem Kunststoff oder Alluminium zum Entgraten Blade hand deburring tool
Blade hand deburring tool small Hand burr handle with rotatable, replaceable blades. Easy handling, the blade of the Entgraters adapts itself automatically to the contours of the workpiece. The hand deburrer is made of break-resistant...
From €3.30 *
Parallel zwinge wird auch Spannhand genannt parallel clamps
Our parallel clamps or clamping jaws are excellently suitable for clamping parts to be brazed or welded. Thus, the parallel clamp is a good soldering accessory. Since the parallel clamp is made entirely of metal, it is not a problem if...
From €15.10 *
Entgratkopf aus HSS mit 90° Schneide zum Entgraten von Bohrungen deburring head HSS 90 ° countersink
With the 90 ° deburring head made of HSS steel, you can also deburr very small holes cleanly and quickly. The deburring head is clamped in a handgripper handle (not included in the scope of delivery) and can then be rotated by hand. The...
From €25.50 *
Spezialöl für Dampfmaschinen Hot steam oil
This hot steam oil for model building is ideal for the operation of real steam models. The hot steam oil is very viscous and also adheres very well to hot components. When a model steam generator is operated with steam, normal oil (for...
Content 0.1 Liter (€55.00 * / 1 Liter)
€5.50 *
Hongerät für geringe Durchmesser Hon Gerät
Dieses Hon Gerät ist ein idiales Werkzeug für den Modellbauer zum honen von Bohrungen. Mit dem Hon Gerät kann man die Oberflächengüte von z.B. Zylinderbohrungen entscheidend verbessern. Die kleinen Hon Gerät eignen sich zum Herstellen...
From €14.50 *
Ring-Maulschlüssel aus eigener Fertigung für den Modellbau Model building wrench
The wrenches are milled from our own production of 2mm brass flat material. Due to their filigree design, they are particularly suitable for tight spots on your technical models. Of course, the keys are not as strong as steel wrenches,...
From €3.30 *
JB weld Kleber der härteste Kleber der Welt JB Weld Adhesive - 2K epoxy resin adhesive
JB Weld is considered to be the strongest glue in the world! It was developed 30 years ago in the USA and sold millions of times. It is located in almost every household. The 2-component epoxy resin adhesive is universally applicable and...
From €13.70 *
Spezielles Öl für Flammenfresser von Bengs Modellbau Flame eater oil
The Flame eater oil from Bengs Modellbau is particularly suitable for lubricating the pistons and cylinders of flame-eaters in technical model construction. The flame-eater oil is an oil, based on white oil. It is liquid as water,...
Content 0.1 Liter (€57.00 * / 1 Liter)
€5.70 *
Hylomar das beliebte Flächendichtmittel Hylomar universal Sealant
Hylomar universal Sealant is a permanent elastic sealant. This means that the sealant never completely cures and can be easily dismantled again and again. This is a decisive advantage for the model builder. The sealed components can be...
€10.90 *
Kantentaster für kleine Fräsen edge finder 6mm shaft
This mechanical edge tester is a simple but effective tool for the "ancratch" on the milling machine. If you are looking for the zero point on a workpiece, clamp the edge probe into the drill chuck or the chuck of the milling cutter....
€6.10 *
Steckschlüssel Mikro zum einfachen Bedienen von Schrauben im Modellbau Steckschlüssel Mikro
Der Stechschlüssel hat ein 2 Komponenten-Kraftheft mit drehmoment- und komfortoptimierter Griffzone. Die Klinge ist aus Chrom-Vanadium-Stahl, verchromt. Der Steckschlüssel hat eine drehbare Zentrierkappe. Wir haben die Drehgriff...
€9.50 *
Winkelmesser für den Modellbau Stainless Steel Protractor
This Stainless Steel Protractor belongs in every model workshop, it is matt chromium-plated and finely polished. The scale is provided with laser-engraved degrees from 0 ° to 180 °, the grades are very easy to read. The arch has a...
€21.00 *
Osborn tellerbürste mit Nylonfäden Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm
This Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm is perfect for deburring, smoothing, edging and fine sanding of small to large parts. The Cup Brush consists of a blue plate in which nylon threads are passed through the silicon carbide. The brush has...
From €7.60 *
Schwarzbeize für Messing Kupfer und Bronze black oxide Nerofor for Brass
Browning stains for the brassing of brass, copper and bronze are used in model building as well as in many other areas in order to obtain anthracite to black metal surfaces depending on the duration of exposure and metal type....
Content 0.05 Liter (€274.00 * / 1 Liter)
€13.70 *
Schnellbrünierung für Stahl und Eisen Klever browning
Black brushing, for blacking steel and iron. The fast browning from the company Ballistol Klever is suitable for cold browning and is therefore very easy to use. We can deliver the browning in two different container sizes. For small...
Content 0.05 Liter (€278.00 * / 1 Liter)
From €13.90 *
Marking gauge Marking gauge
Marking gauge analog This sturdy analogue marking gauge in stainless steel version is outfitted with a replaceable hard metal-mounted tear-off needle. The resolution of the dial gauge is 0.01mm. The largest dimension to measure is 310mm....
From €156.00 *
Selbstschlagender Koerner 95mm von Rennsteig center punch Rennsteig
With this high-quality self-piercing center punch from Rennsteig, very small components can be easily arranged. When you apply pressure to the center punch by hand, an internal spring tensioned and exerts the force abruptly. This means...
€31.60 *