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Powder coating gun Powder coating gun
With this powder coating machine, you can easily apply powder coatings to materials such as metal, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. In addition, you can also use the powder coating system to coat non-conductive materials such as ceramic...
€96.00 *
FFP2 Schutzmaske mit Ausatemventil für weniger Feuchtigkeit in der Maske FFP2 Protective mask with exhalation valve
This protective mask is very good for use in powder coating with the powder coating system . The exhalation valve reduces heat and moisture under the mask. The FFP2 protection stage provides protection against harmful substances up to 10...
€2.30 *
Ersatzpulverbehälter für die NordicPulver Pulverpistole Spare part Powder container
The spare powder containers are supplied with a screw cap so that you can store the powder dry. With powdered powder containers, the color change in the powder coating is significantly faster from the hand. The spare powder containers...
€4.70 *
high-temperature adhesive tape high-temperature adhesive tape
The high-temperature adhesive tape made of polyester is suitable for masking components that are to be powder coated. The adhesive tape is temperature resistant up to 200 ° C. With the high-temperature adhesive tape, you can cover the...
From €6.70 *