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Materialbausatz mit allen Teilen von Bengs Modellbau Stirlingmotor Stirling engine The big Laura
The Stirling engine "The big Laura" is similar in design to a horizontal plane engine of 1910. Like every Stirling engine, this lying air-cooled heat engine has two cylinders with pistons, the displacement cylinder and the working...
€242.00 *
Materialbausatz Stirlingmotor Laura von Bengs Modellbau Stirling engine "Laura" Premilled material kit
The Stirling engine "Laura" has parallelly arranged cylinders; this construction is called Gamma type. The engine has a very attractive appearance and, therefore, is ideal as showcase or presentation model that can be put into operation...
€123.00 *
Termoakustik Stirlingmotor von Bengs Modellbau Thermoacoustics Stirling Rufus
Our model Rufus is a model of a Thermoacoustics Stirling (Lamina-Flow-Stirling). The Thermoakustik Stirlingmotor is very easy to set up. The working piston is moved at Rufus by a thermoacoustic effect. A thermoacoustic effect is produced...
€114.00 *