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Flammenfresser Bausatz von Bengs Modellbau Flame eater "The big Nick" Premilled material
The vacuum motor or flame licker 'The large Nick' mainly consists of brass. It possesses water-cooling with an evaporator container. The flywheels are made of cast iron. The large Nick is mounted onto a Jatoba wood plate. The crankshaft...
€359.00 *
Material Bausatz für einen kleinen Flammenfresser Flame eater "Nick" Premilled kit
The vacuum motor or even Flame eater 'Nick' is mostly made of brass. The flywheels are made of cast iron. 'Nick' is mounted on a painted wooden plate. He runs with about 200-400 rpm. The burner is adjustable in height so that the speed...
€209.00 *
Flammenfresser Jarne Flammenfresser Jarne
Der Flammenfresser Jarne hat eine auf dem Zylinder montierte Kurbelwelle. Die Kraft des Kolbens wird über einen Balken an die oben liegende Kurbelwelle weitergeleitet. Er hat eine nasse Zylinderhülse und kann mit Wasser gekühlt werden....
€316.00 *