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Eccentric press Nils drive model

Product information "Eccentric press Nils drive model"

Our eccentric press is a replica of a machine tool that was used many years ago in many craft and craft industries. industrial companies could be seen. Eccentric presses were previously used for punching holes and embossing work. Originally the presses were driven via a transmission. Later  Many of the eccentric presses were subsequently equipped with an external electric motor. The actual belt drive was retained. Our model is a replica of such a press. It is equipped with a punching tool with a diameter of 5.5 mm, which corresponds exactly to the diameter of an office hole punch.

The press must be powered by either a steam engine or a small electric motor. The best way to do this is to use a small round belt that acts directly on the large flywheel. The flywheel and gearbox are constantly running, but the tool is not yet moving. The model has a foot lever that operates a clutch that allows exactly one work cycle. When the foot pedal is pressed, the clutch engages and the tool moves downwards. The stamp punches the hole and then returns to its original position. Here the clutch is automatically disengaged.

Most of the model's components are made of brass. The large machine base is laser cut from steel. All axles are made of silver steel. All milled parts are included in the kit ready-machined. All turned parts are included in the delivery as raw material. Of course, as with all other Bengs model building material kits, you will also receive all the screws, nuts and springs you need.

To the construction  A small lathe and a column drill are required, as well as a gas burner for soft soldering. The following should also be available: Tap M2, M3, Dies M2, M3 Reamer 5H7 files and a drill set. Otherwise, hand tools, which should be in every “technical model making workshop”, are necessary.  

Here you will find an extensive construction report for the Nils eccentric press material kit with lots of pictures and tips.

Scope of delivery: eccentric press Nils drive model

  • Finished milled parts
  • Raw material for the turned parts
  • all required screws, nuts and grub screws
  • Eccentric press construction plan drawings (8 sheets) and construction instructions (4 sheets)

Dimensions of eccentric press material kit

  • Height: 155mm
  • Width: 80mm
  • Depth: 110mm
  • Flywheel: 80mm

In this video the eccentric press is powered by our generator/motor. You can find thegenerator kit here. The generator can be used to generate electricity, when connected to a power source it works like an electric motor. You can find the matchinground belt here.


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