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center punch Rennsteig

Product information "center punch Rennsteig"

With this high-quality self-piercing center punch from Rennsteig, very small components can be easily arranged. When you apply pressure to the center punch by hand, an internal spring tensioned and exerts the force abruptly. This means that you do not need a hammer when you start the process. This type of center punch is also called automatic punch. The impact strength can be arbitrarily set for this center punch by turning the end piece as well as it has an ergonomic end piece for high user comfort.

Due to the handy size and the fine center punch tip we like to use these self-piercing center punch from Rennsteig also in our own workshop for the engraving of small parts in the technical model building.

Technical data of the self-supporting center punch

  • Minimum impact force 20 N
  • Total length 95 mm
  • Maximum impact force 50 N
  • Shaft-11 mm


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