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Kaindl Diamond disc TIN

Product information "Kaindl Diamond disc TIN"

This diamond disc from Kaindl is titanium coated, which means the diamond grit has a longer service life and also reduces the so-called "carbon diffusion" when grinding steel. Another advantage of the TIN coating is the reduced heat generation during grinding.

This diamond grinding wheel has two different diamond grits. A coarse and a fine side. The coarse side is suitable for giving the cutting edge or tool the desired shape. The fine coated side is for finely honing the tools. The diamond grinding wheel from Kaindl Schleiftechnik is suitable for grinding steel, HSS steel and solid carbide (solid carbide). You can machine knives, turning steels, milling cutters and cutting all other tools with this grinding wheel.

Bengs Modellbau has been using the diamond sight grinding wheel from Kaindl for years to sharpen carbide tools.

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Kaindl sharpening station KSS
The Kaindl Schleiftechnik company produces high-quality products for craftsmen. All Kaindl products are “Made in Germany”. You can order the items quickly, directly and cheaply in our shop. Kaindl sharpening station KSS including diamond viewing grinding wheel The sharpening station newly developed by Kaindl saves you from purchasing significantly more expensive machines to sharpen your tools. Thanks to the new and very flexible design, it is now possible to sharpen a wide variety of drills, milling cutters, turning tools and saw blades. Saw blades, regardless of whether they are made of HSS, carbide or chrome vanadium, can be re-sharpened again and again with very high precision and ensuring a consistent tooth pitch. HSS and carbide drills up to 16mm are sharpened with the four-surface grind, which is advantageous for DIY enthusiasts and craftsmen. This makes drilling on smooth surfaces and curves easier, among other things. It is not necessary to sharpen the cross cutting edge. You can order the KSS grinding station from Kaindl either with or without a diamond visible grinding wheel. Included in delivery:  Sharpening station including 3 stops and drill grinding device interactive DVD instructions Kaindl safety glasses optionally including Kaindl diamond sight grinding wheel with notch    
Product number: 3537

Mini drilling rods
These mini boring bars are ideal for internal turning. These internal turning tools are made entirely of carbide and have a cutting geometry that allows them to be plunged into the material without pre-drilling. This is high-quality industrial quality. The mini drilling rods are used. They were used on a CNC machine and will be replaced after a certain period of time. Only minor signs of wear can be seen. They are still very sharp and the remaining sharpness is completely sufficient for working on brass, aluminum or steel. In addition, the cutting edge can be re-sharpened relatively easily. A suitable tool holder for the boring bars can be found here. We also use these turning steels for internal turning in our workshop and are very impressed by the properties and possibilities. The following dimensions are available. Mini drilling rod 3.5x17  Minimum inner diameter: 3.5mm / Maximum immersion depth: 17mm / Total length: 30 mm Mini drilling rod 4.7x22  Minimum inner diameter: 4.7mm / Maximum immersion depth: 22mm / Total length: 35 mm Mini drilling rod 4.7x32  Minimum inner diameter: 4.7mm / Maximum immersion depth: 32mm / Total length: 45mm Mini drilling rod 5.6x22  Minimum inner diameter: 5.6mm / Maximum immersion depth: 22mm / Total length: 35mm Mini drilling rod 6.5x27  Minimum inner diameter: 6.5mm / Maximum immersion depth: 27mm / Total length: 40 mm  
Product number: 36941

Variants from €5.20*
Soldering paste
Ready-to-use and dosing silver solder paste, 56% silver content (L-Ag55) with the working temperature 650 ° C. The silver solder paste is suitable for fine brazing. The hard solder paste is suitable for creating almost invisible soldering seams, even in inaccessible places. With our silver soldering paste, there are virtually no solder residues at the soldering point, which must be labored. No flux required. Dried silver soldering paste is made ready for use again with a few drops of water. Mix thoroughly before removing. Typical application examples for the silver soldering paste are: Apparatus and equipment for the food industry silver contacts Bronze and brass fittings Modelling piping Heat and cooling technology Fashion Jewelry glasses manufacturing Precision Engineering !!! The silver soldering paste is also suitable for kiln soldering (furnace should have a working temperature of at least 680 ° C) !!! Contents 10 g Here you will find a tutorial on how to braze with silver solder paste.
Product number: 3441

Content: 10 Gramm (€181.00* / 100 Gramm)

soldering brick
The white soldering brick is ideal as a soldering base for brazing and soldering in model building. The solder seal can be cut as required. In addition, soldering and holding needles can be inserted very easily into the brick in order to fix the component to be soldered. The white tiles have a relatively smooth and plane surface, through which sharp edges several bricks can be assembled seamlessly. To fix components that are to be soldered, you can simply nail into the porous material of the soldering iron. Thus, a soldering device can be produced very quickly. The soldering bricks are also suitable for the construction of a melting point. By assembling several soldering bricks, one can produce an excellent soldering place in which the gas flame of the burner can be optimally utilized. Dimensions of the brazier: 220mm x 110mm x 30mm
Product number: 3135