JB Weld Adhesive - 2K epoxy resin adhesive

JB weld Kleber der härteste Kleber der Welt
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    JB Weld is considered to be the strongest glue in the world! It was developed 30 years ago in... more
    Product information "JB Weld Adhesive - 2K epoxy resin adhesive"

    JB Weld is considered to be the strongest glue in the world! It was developed 30 years ago in the USA and sold millions of times. It is located in almost every household. The 2-component epoxy resin adhesive is universally applicable and creates truly durable connections.

    With this adhesive, metallic materials such as cast iron, gray cast iron, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper and tin can be cold-welded. The all-purpose adhesive also unbreakably combines wood, glass, ceramic or plastic. J-B Weld sticks everything - permanently and super fast.

    The all-purpose adhesive consists of 2 components. On the one hand there is the hardener (also called activator), in the red tube, on the other hand the part called by the manufacturer as "steel" in the black tube. This is made of epoxy resin and some other components. Both components are mixed together in equal proportions, whereby the reaction process of the curing (polymerization) is initiated. After mixing the 2 components, JB Weld can be processed for 25 minutes. After 8-15 hours, the adhesive is fully cured.

    Now, as if it were metal, it can be painted, painted, sawn, doweled, sanded or sanded. JB Weld does not shrink and tear during the curing process. A clean adhesive tape remains clean (as with soldering or welding), a smooth surface remains smooth. This makes JB Weld ideal where high-precision work is required. In the commercials of the manufacturer it is advertised that this all-purpose glue can reliably stick cracks in engine blocks.

    The cured adhesive is water resistant / steam resistant, withstand temperatures up to 300 ° C, oils, acids and chemicals (even battery acid).

    From the hands, it can be washed with water and soap after processing. Does not smell, since without solvent.

    In addition, the JB world is ideally suited for filling and gluing parts that are to be coated with the EasyCoat powder coating system.

    Opened for 5 years!

    Contents: 2 x 28g


    • Permanently joins metal, plastic, ceramics, wood, glass, masonry, etc.
    •   Ideal for filling cavities in castings
    •   Seals pipes and fittings
    •   Instead of welding, soldering, doweling
    •   Can be drilled, painted, sanded
    •   Temperature resistant up to 300 ° C
    •   Water resistant and steam test
    •   Resists oils, acids and chemicals
    •   Tensile strength: 278 kg / qcm
    •   Suitable for filling and gluing powder coating parts
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