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    Black brushing, for blacking steel and iron. The fast browning from the company Ballistol Klever... more
    Product information "Klever browning"

    Black brushing, for blacking steel and iron. The fast browning from the company Ballistol Klever is suitable for cold browning and is therefore very easy to use. We can deliver the browning in two different container sizes. For small applications or for testing we have a 50ml bottle for larger applications a 1 liter bottle.

    Application Klever Schnellbrünierung

    On the carefully depreciated steel (max. 3% chromium content) the Klever-Schnellbrünierung is painted and evenly spread. You can, of course, dip the work piece into a bath of quick-firing. Metal surfaces treated with silicone oil must be abraded with fine grease paper before handling. Apply the applied thin layer for about 3 minutes, then thoroughly rinse with water, dab dry with a soft cloth and apply a light oil. The blackened surface then becomes glossy black. The treated workpiece should be allowed to "cure" for approx. 12 hours.


    Klever browning has the following characteristics:

    •   Simple application
    •   Kaltbrünierung
    •   Already finished after 3 minutes
    •   To brush or dive
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