Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm

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    This Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm is perfect for deburring, smoothing, edging and fine sanding... more
    Product information "Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm"

    This Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm is perfect for deburring, smoothing, edging and fine sanding of small to large parts. The Cup Brush consists of a blue plate in which nylon threads are passed through the silicon carbide. The brush has an M14 connection thread and therefore fits all common angle grinders. Optionally, you can also order an M14 -10mm adapter with which you can clamp the Cup Brush into your stand boring machine. You will find the adapter at the top of the selection selection. Into the stator boring machine, you have a fantastic deburring tool with an extremely long service life. The nylon threads always have an even grinding effect since new abrasives are constantly released by the wear of the nylon thread. With the Osborn Cup Brush you can process steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and also aluminum.

    Dimensions of Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm: 

    •  Diameter of grinding plate: 130 mm
    •  Grain size: K120
    •  Connection thread: M14 (shaft angle grinder)
    •  Bristle length: 30 mm



    Technical characteristics of the Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm

    •   Nylon filaments interspersed with silicon carbide
    •   Uniform grinding effect (new abrasive material is constantly released by wear)
    •   High elasticity and flexibility without risk of breakage
    •   No clogging of the resting surface with working residues
    •   Resistant to weak acids and alkalis
    •   Very long service Made in Germany
    •   life with optimal conditions 

    Application areas of the Abrasive Nylon Cup Brush 130mm

    •   Lacquering and structuring of wood
    •   Suitable for steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze and aluminum
    •   Rusting or descaling of metal surfaces
    •   For deburring, smoothing, and fine grinding from small to large components
    •   Break and crimp edges
    •   Aluminum profiles
    •   Deburring with the Osborn dish brush 130mm

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