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    Hylomar universal Sealant is a permanent elastic sealant. This means that the sealant never... more
    Product information "Hylomar universal Sealant"

    Hylomar universal Sealant is a permanent elastic sealant. This means that the sealant never completely cures and can be easily dismantled again and again. This is a decisive advantage for the model builder. The sealed components can be dismantled simply and without destruction, as can often occur once in a Stirling engine or a flame eater. You have a further advantage if you use different material combinations brass - steel, stainless steel - aluminum or metal - plastic. The sealant can compensate for the different expansion. Hylomar universal seal has a thermal application range of -50C ° to 250C ° (in the short term, too). The seal is resistant to fuels, oils, water, steam and antifreeze.

    You can also use the permanently plastic universal seal for sealing the surface as well as for sealing pipe fittings.

    Hylomar Durable universal Sealant


    • Base: Polyurethane
    • Colour Blue
    • Thick paste
    • Density: 1.17 g / cm⊃3;
    • Coating thickness: 0.15-0.2 mm
    • Contains: 80ml
    • Temperature resistant from -50 ° C to +250 ° C



    The sealing surfaces must be clean and grease-free. Hylomar Thinly apply a continuous plastic universal seal on both sides. If the solvent is vented after approx. 10 minutes, the parts can be assembled. After a further 15 min. Be repeated. For single-planked surfaces, one-sided order is sufficient.

    At room temperature, Hylomar Permanent Plastic Universal is unlimited in duration.

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