Flame eater oil

Spezielles Öl für Flammenfresser von Bengs Modellbau
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    The Flame eater oil from Bengs Modellbau is particularly suitable for lubricating the pistons... more
    Product information "Flame eater oil"

    The Flame eater oil from Bengs Modellbau is particularly suitable for lubricating the pistons and cylinders of flame-eaters in technical model construction. The flame-eater oil is an oil, based on white oil. It is liquid as water, odorless and biodegradable. Another important advantage of our Flame-eater oil for use in technical model construction is that it does not attack paints and varnishes. When the flame eater or parts of the flame eater exceed the temperatures of 150 ° C, the flame-eater evaporates and produces a beautiful white smoke. The oil we offer is normally used in the aircraft RC model building as smoke oil.


    Many oils leave behind residues in the hot vacuum engine, which cause the piston to run smoothly in the cylinder. Likewise, when lubricating with graphite powder, deposits of graphite dust are produced over time, which lead to the piston becoming dull. These residues must be removed from time to time. For a long time we asked ourselves:


    Which oil is best used for a flame eater or vacuum motor? And here is finally the solution! Flame eater oil from Bengs Modellbau. With the oil from Bengs Modellbau you do not have the described disadvantages and also the following advantages:


    Flame eater oil is liquid like water


    • Odor neutral
    • biodegradable
    • It does not attack lacquers
    • Best suited for technical modeling
    • Made in Germany
    • No dangerous good according to UN, IMO, ADR / RID, IATA / ICAO.
    • Contains: 100ml


    E-mail of a satisfied customer:

    I have today the Flammenfresseröl from you for my Stirlingmotor tried. Until now, I have oiled the model engines with WD 40. But the oil of you is a show! The high speeds I got with it are not comparable with WD 40. And all without residue and no hardening.

    Simply super!

    Best regards

    Video Flame eater oil 


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