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Gewindebohrer nach DIN 371 mit Vierkant zum Handgewindeschneiden Taps DIN 371
Thanks to their square grinding, our machine thread drills are also suitable as hand-held tap drills. You have the choice between through-hole tap drills (blind hole drills) and basic drill tap drills. The through-hole tap is suitable...
From €10.70 *
Schneideisen nach DIN 223 zum Herstellen von Außengewinden im Modellbau cutting dies
DIN 223 cutting dies for the finished, teach-based metric ISO control thread according to DIN 13. The cutting edges have a closed pre-slit form. They can either be clamped in a cutting-edge holder or in the cutting-edge holder for the...
From €9.90 *
Feingewindebohrersatz zum Herstellen von Feingewinden im Modellbau screw tap fine thread
You can choose between two different types of taps, namely hand thread drills (pre-cut and finished cutters) and machine thread drills (incision thread drills). Both the manual thread drills and the machine thread drills have a square...
From €13.70 *
Feingewindeschneideisen zum Anfertigen von außenliegenden Feingewinden im Modellbau Feingewinde Schneideisen
Diese Schneideisen für metrisches Feingewinde werden aus HSS Stahl gefertigt. Wir liefern Ihnen nur Schneideisen und Gewindebohrer in Industriequalität, sodass Sie lange an Ihren Werkzeugen Freude haben. Feingewinde eignen sich gut für...
From €14.70 *
Verstellbares Rund-Windeisen zum Gewindeschneiden von kleinen Gewinden im Modellbau tap wrench mini
This mini-round tap wrench is ideally suited for sensitive threading with small taps M 1 - M 3. The round tap wrench is made of break-resistant plastic and has hardened clamping brackets for fixing the tapper. The tool square can be...
€34.20 *