high-alloyed silver solder 1mm / 1,5mm

Silberhartlotstangen mit niedrigem Schmelzpunkt zum Löten im Modellbau
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    We have silver braided bars with a silver content of 55% (L-Ag55) with a length of 500mm.... more
    Product information "high-alloyed silver solder 1mm / 1,5mm"

    We have silver braided bars with a silver content of 55% (L-Ag55) with a length of 500mm. Because of the relatively low melting point of this silver braze, the model builder in the field of technical model building is almost exclusively concerned. The working temperature of this hard solder is 630 ° C. The silver as an alloying component in the solder does not only reduce the working temperature, but also improves the flow properties. Furthermore, silver has the positive property of combining well with other metals. For brazing brass and steel, silver solder flux is essential. The low working temperature of the silver solder bars allows the thermal load to be as low as possible for the processed material. It is important not to heat the workpieces too much, especially in the case of brass. In combination with our silver solder flux you achieve with these silver solder always optimal results.


    The silver braided bars can be purchased from us in the shop in 2 different diameters. For fine soldering as it often happens in technical model construction we recommend the 1mm rods. The 1mm silver braided bars are easy to carry with the hand and can be easily melted with small burners. For larger parts we prefer the 1.5 mm silver solder bars. With these rods you get faster material to the soldering point if needed.

    What can be brazed?

    The following materials can be combined with silver solder: brass, copper, gunmetal, gray cast iron, rusting steels and stainless steel. A combination of the materials among each other is easily possible with this silver braze solder. If the material is not known to you, it is always recommended to solder a piece to the sample beforehand. This allows you to determine whether the materials can be combined with the silver braze.

    Instructions Brazing with silver solder

    If you have never worked on silver solder and you are not sure how the exact solder brazing procedure is with silver solder, we can help you before you buy the silver solder. We have created a guide for you in our Bengs Modellbaumagazin on the topic "Brazing with silver solder". Here you can find out what you need and have to consider if you want to solder 2 components with silver solder.

    Tip: Flux residues and discoloration of the material can be optimally eliminated with our satin brushes or abrasive fleece!

    Characteristics of the silver solder bars

    • 500 mm long.
    • 1mm or 1.5mm diameter
    • Silver solder bars L-Ag55 (55% silver)
    • Working temperature 630 ° C
    • Bengs Modellbau has used this silver solder bars for years.


    Video: Instructions for soldering / brazing with silver solder

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