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Silberhartlotstangen mit niedrigem Schmelzpunkt zum Löten im Modellbau high-alloyed silver solder 1mm / 1,5mm
We have silver braided bars with a silver content of 55% (L-Ag55) with a length of 500mm. Because of the relatively low melting point of this silver braze, the model builder in the field of technical model building is almost exclusively...
From €4.20 *
Sehr dünner Silberlotdraht zum Löten kleinster Lötstellen im Modellbau Silver solder wire
The silver solder wire is suitable for particularly fine soldering points in model making, crafts, industry or jewelery trade. Silver solder wire is only 0.5mm thick and can be very finely dosed. We supply you the silver braided wire as...
€13.70 *
Hochtemperatur Weichlot zum Weichlöten von Bauteilen im Modellbau High temperature soft solder
High temperature soft solder with a melting point of 250 ° C is suitable for fittings, pipelines and components on steam engines, Stirling engines and flame eaters. The soft solder is filled with a flux that burns without residue when...
€2.20 *
Silberlotpaste ist eine Kombination aus Silberlot und Flussmittel soldering paste
Ready-to-use and dosing silver solder paste, 56% silver content (L-Ag55) with the working temperature 650 ° C. The silver solder paste is suitable for fine brazing. The hard solder paste is suitable for creating almost invisible...
Content 10 Gramm (€166.00 * / 100 Gramm)
€16.60 *
Verzinnungspaste zum verzinnen von größeren Bauteilen Soft soldering paste
Soft soldering paste for brass, copper, steel and silver steel. The paste is applied thinly to the parts to be tinned and heated with a brazing lamp. For large-area soft soldering, it is optimal to tin- the parts beforehand. For example,...
Content 50 Gramm (€17.60 * / 100 Gramm)
From €8.80 *
Flussmittel für Silberlot zum besseren Fließen des Lotes im Modellbau Flußmittel für Silberlot
Flußmittel haben beim Hartlöten die Aufgabe, die auf den Lötflächen vorhandene Oxydschichten zu lösen, zu entfernen und deren Neubildung während des Lötens zu verhindern. Das Flussmittel ist auf die Arbeitstemperatur von unserem...
Content 0.05 Kilogramm (€148.00 * / 1 Kilogramm)
From €7.40 *
Lötziegel als Lötunterlage bei Lötarbeiten im Modellbau soldering brick
The white soldering brick is ideal as a soldering base for brazing and soldering in model building. The solder seal can be cut as required. In addition, soldering and holding needles can be inserted very easily into the brick in order to...
From €7.60 *
Flussmittelummantelte Silberlotstangen zum Hartlöten ohne zusätzliches Flussmittel Flux-coated High-silver Brazing Alloy
For the somewhat coarser soldering work in the model making, craft or industry, we have flux coated silver solder bars with the diameter 1,5mm or 2mm. The flux range for the silver solder is between 500 ° C and 800 ° C. A further...
From €9.90 *
soldering torch soldering torch
With this soldering torch you can braze or solder both fine parts, as well as larger components. No matter whether in model making, craftsmanship or in the goldsmith's shop. You get three different soldering nozzles (small, medium,...
€39.30 *
Lötkoffer mit allen benötigten Werkzeugen zum Hartlöten und weichlöten CFH soldering kit Turbo soldering profi 2000
With the practical and complete propane / butane hand solder set CFH Soldering Case Turbo Solderprofi 2000 in a plastic case, you achieve perfect work results when soldering, brazing, melting, hardening, heating, burning, thawing and...
€89.00 *
Keramiklötplatte zum Löten von kleinen Teilen im Modellbau ceramic brazing plate 150mm x 100mm
This ceramic brazing plate is ideal for all soldering work. The ceramic brazing plate is provided with 2.9mm mounting holes, so that the parts to be soldered can be fixed well on the soldering pad. The ceramic brazing plate is ideal for...
From €8.60 *
Propan Druckregler fest eingestellt mit dem Druck von 2,5 bar pressure regulator for propane 2,5bar
With this pressure regulator for propane you can connect the turbocharger soldering set directly to an 11kg gas bottle. The pressure regulator is, of course, also suitable for all other hose soldering devices, grills, turbobrapers and...
€14.70 *
Lötlampe zum Hartlöten von der Firma CFH Blowtorch Lötmeister PZ5000
The gas blowtorch has a sturdy and durable plastic foot. This soldering torch is suitable for brazing and soldering. The flame size can be adjusted via a rotary wheel. The Bunsen burner has a maximum working temperature of 730 ° C and a...
From €2.00 *
Schleifvlies zum Vorbereiten und Säubern von Lötstellen abrasive fleece
This abrasive fleece or cleaning fleece is suitable for cleaning all metallic surfaces, preparing for brazing or soldering. But even after the brazing with silver solder and flux the pads are very good for cleaning the soldering seam....
€7.20 *