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    With this powder coating machine, you can easily apply powder coatings to materials such as... more
    Product information "Powder coating gun"

    With this powder coating machine, you can easily apply powder coatings to materials such as metal, non-ferrous metals and aluminum. In addition, you can also use the powder coating system to coat non-conductive materials such as ceramic or glass powder coated. The special feature of this powder coating device is that the powder is only statically charged and no high voltage is required. This powder coating plant does not require a power connection. All you need is a compressor. With this device, you are able to produce a professional powder coating in your own workshop. A powder-coated component is significantly more robust and durable than a painted component.

    This powder gun is a tribo powder coating system. The powder is statically charged by friction in the course of the gun. Electrostatically charged, it adheres to the workpiece. Through this effect, you can coat a variety of materials. Charging is effected by the powder particles touching the wall of the barrel of the powder gun, thereby dissolving electrons from the Teflon ™ barrel. The separation of the powder lacquer particles from the spray gun takes place more quickly than the charge can redistribute. As a result, the powder particles remain charged and stick to any material. You do not need any additional electricity for the Tribo process. The enclosed plug is only the earth connection of the device.


    • AlPowder coating gun with EU (Schuko) ground plug
    • 250ml powder container
    • Funnel for a simple loading of powder into a powder cup
    • 14 page user guide in English with multiple pictures that will guide you through a powder coating process safely.

    Powder coating is the process when powdery plastic particles (usually polyester or polyuretan) are electrostatically applied to a clean metal surface using a powder coating device. The process is used throughout the industry to create a durable, professional finish. The principle is quite simple, after the preparation and the degreasing of the component, the powder is positively charged by the gun. Similar to a TV screen attracts dust, the component now attracts the charged powder cloud. In the next step, the powder-coated component is placed in an electric furnace. Please note that the oven is no longer used for food preparation. Most powders require about 15 minutes of baking at 180 ° C. The average time from the powder coating to the ready-to-install component takes about 30 minutes.



    What else is needed (not included in the set)

    • Compressor with pressure regulator
    • extension hose
    • Oven alternatively small pizza oven
    • FFP2 protective mask
    • safety goggles
    • Well ventilated workplace

    Advantages of coating:

    • Extremely robust and abrasion resistant
    • Without drying time immediately ready for use
    • Optimal corrosion protection
    • Environmentally friendly as there are no solvents
    • Absolutely uniform surface quality
    • Elastic coating e.g. For springs

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