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    Diameter countersink:


    The conical countersinks with 3 cutting edges are sanded radially and the chip spaces are ground... more
    Product information "countersink 90°"

    The conical countersinks with 3 cutting edges are sanded radially and the chip spaces are ground from the solid. The conical sinker is suitable for producing 90 ° countersinks. You can sink DIN 7991 countersunk screws here. The conical sinker is universally applicable for both steel and stainless steel as well as for non-ferrous metals such as brass and aluminum. The 90 ° counterbores have industry quality and should ideally be used in a stator drilling machine. Of course, you can also use the conical sinker with a hand drill or a cordless screwdriver. We can supply you with conical sinkers in particularly small diameters, which are very suitable for working in the field of technical modeling.

    Countersink 90°

    • Maximum roundness accuracy
    • 3 cutting
    • industrial quality
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