Machine reamers

Maschinen-Reibahlen in Industriequalität zum Anfertigen von maßgenauen Bohrungen
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    Machine reamers for the production of dimensionally accurate bores. By rubbing with a reamer,... more
    Product information "Machine reamers"

    Machine reamers for the production of dimensionally accurate bores. By rubbing with a reamer, not only good shape and dimensional accuracy, but also good surface quality is achieved. This is of crucial importance when manufacturing sliding bearings in mechanical engineering and model building. The long cutting edges of the reamer have a left-hand twist, which causes the resulting chips to be discharged downwards when rubbing. Thus, a scratching of the bore surface by the resulting chips is avoided. Our machine reamers have industrial quality and can be used to grind drillings in steel, brass, copper, cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel. Please always use enough cutting oil when rubbing, which considerably increases the service life of the reamer. In model construction, these reamers are suitable for producing piston rod guides for steam engines, Stirling engines and flame eaters. The reamers are also ideal for producing bearing blocks with plain bearings or for producing cylinders with a very clean surface. If you produce the axis bore with a reamer for flywheels, the flywheel runs particularly round. Provided you have the flywheel without impact in the lathe.

    The machine reamers can be used both on a lathing machine and in a column drilling machine.


    • With long cutting edges and link spiral
    • Maximum roundness accuracy
    • industrial quality


    These reamers are available:

    • Reamer 1H7 / Shaft 1mm / cutting length 16mm 
    • Reamer 1,5H7 / Shaft 2mm / cutting length 21mm 
    • Reamer 2H7 / Shaft 2mm / cutting length 26mm 
    • Reamer 3H7 / Shaft 3mm / cutting length 29mm 
    • Reamer 4H7 / Shaft 4mm / cutting length 46mm 
    • Reamer 5H7 / Shaft 5mm / cutting length 57mm 
    • Reamer 6H7 / Shaft 6mm / cutting length 56mm 
    • Reamer 7H7 / Shaft 8mm / cutting length 71mm 
    • Reamer 8H7 / Shaft 8mm / cutting length 80mm 
    • Reamer 10H7 / Shaft 10mm / cutting length 91mm 
    • Reamer 12H7 / Shaft 10mm / cutting length 110mm 
    • Reamer 14H7 / Shaft 14mm / cutting length 112mm 
    • Reamer 15H7 / Shaft 14mm / cutting length 114mm 
    • Reamer 16H7 / Shaft 14mm / cutting length 123mm 
    • Reamer 18H7 / Shaft 14mm / cutting length 135mm
    • Reamer 20H7 / Shaft 16mm / cutting length 145mm 
    • Reamer 25H7 / Shaft MK3 / cutting length 174mm 
    • Reamer 26H7 / Shaft MK3 / cutting length 178mm 
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