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Profilgeschliffene Spiralbohrer HSS steel drills
Here you can find profiled HSS steel drills. These spiral drills have a metallic silver color, which is caused by the fact that the drills are not rolled like in the black roll-drilled drills but are cut and milled from the full. Only...
From €1.00 *
Zentrierbohrer zum Zentrieren von Bohrungen auf einer Drehbank Center Drills
These Hss Center Drills are ground, ground and spiral-grooved. The centering drills offered by Bengs Modellbau have industrial quality and are suitable for almost all materials used in model making. You can machine brass, copper, steel,...
From €5.00 *
countersink 90° countersink 90°
The conical countersinks with 3 cutting edges are sanded radially and the chip spaces are ground from the solid. The conical sinker is suitable for producing 90 ° countersinks. You can sink DIN 7991 countersunk screws here. The conical...
From €10.60 *
HSS Fräser zum Fräsen von Kleinteilen für den Modellbau Hss Milling cutter
Hss Milling cutter with 3 cutting edges. The face cutting geometry is suitable for dipping. Universal cutting geometry for universal use on your milling machine. The Hss cutters can be used as a long hole and end mill. Ideal for use in...
From €9.80 *
Maschinen-Reibahle mit 0,03mm Untermaß zum anfertigen von Presspassungen Reamer with 0.03mm undersize
Machine reamer with 0.03mm undersize. The reamers are ideal for the production of press fits. For example, if you want to produce a crankshaft for a Stirling engine, rub the crankshafts with a 0.03mm reamer smaller than the steel to be...
From €24.40 *
Kantentaster für kleine Fräsen edge finder 6mm shaft
This mechanical edge tester is a simple but effective tool for the "ancratch" on the milling machine. If you are looking for the zero point on a workpiece, clamp the edge probe into the drill chuck or the chuck of the milling cutter....
€6.10 *
Spiralbohrersatz für den Modellbau HSS steel drill bit set
This HSS steel drill bit set consists of 49 profile ground drills. The spiral drills have a particularly high concentricity and dividing accuracy, as well as precise tip grinding. They recognize profile-ground drills on the bare surface....
From €87.50 *
Flachdenker zum Herstellen von zylindrischen Bohrungen countersink from M3 to M12
Metal cassette with 7 HSS countersinks. The 4-edged flat cores have a fixed guide pin that guides the counterbore in the bore. The 180 ° countersinks are suitable for the production of countersinks in through holes for cylinder screws...
€70.60 *
Vollhartmetallfräser zum Bearbeiten der Materialien mit höheren Schnittgeschwindigkeiten Solid carbide milling cutter
3 Cutting Solid carbide cutter for even higher cutting speeds. Face cutting geometry of the solid carbide cutter is suitable for dipping. Universal cutting geometry. The solid carbide end mills can be used as a long hole and end mill....
From €15.60 *
Maschinen-Reibahlen in Industriequalität zum Anfertigen von maßgenauen Bohrungen Machine reamers
Machine reamers for the production of dimensionally accurate bores. By rubbing with a reamer, not only good shape and dimensional accuracy, but also good surface quality is achieved. This is of crucial importance when manufacturing...
From €21.00 *