brass pipe Ms58

Messingrohr MS 63 für den Modellbau
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    The brass pipe made of Ms63 can be used for all applications in technical model construction.... more
    Product information "brass pipe Ms58"

    The brass pipe made of Ms63 can be used for all applications in technical model construction. For example as a fuel line for combustion engines, Rehling for model ships, cooling water line for Stirling engines or steam line in steam plants. If you want to bend the brass pipe, it is recommended to glow the piece of the brass pipe to be bent softly. After the cold it bends very well. However, the pipe has lost a lot of strength at the softened point.

    The brass pipe is delivered as a straight cut.

    1 Packing unit consists of 3x 330mm long bars. Total length 1000mm

     If you need the pipes of copper click here (copper pipe hard)

    The following Ms63 brass pipes are available:

    • 2mm x 0.45mm Ms63 round tube
    • 3mm x 0.45mm Ms63 round tube
    • 4mm x 0.5mm Ms63 round tube
    • 5mm x 0.5mm Ms63 round tube
    • 6mm x 0.5mm Ms63 round tube
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