Ball bearings for model construction

Kugellager für verschiedene Anwendungen im Modellbau
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    You will find in our shop ball bearings made of steel in different sizes. All ball bearings are... more
    Product information "Ball bearings for model construction"

    You will find in our shop ball bearings made of steel in different sizes. All ball bearings are offered in the ZZ variant. The double-sided sheet metal disc with gap seal keeps dirt out and guarantees a good smooth running. The ball bearings are very well suited for technical modeling. We use the miniature ball bearings for flame eaters, steam engines and Stirling engines as they are particularly easy to move. Most of the offered ball bearings have a small cross-section to keep the installation dimension as low as possible.


    The following ball bearings are available:

      Inner diameter   outer diameter width
    ball bearings 63 ZZ 3mm 6mm 2,5mm
    ball bearings 106 ZZ 6mm 10mm 3mm
    ball bearings 688 ZZ 8mm 16mm 5mm
    ball bearings 6700 ZZ 10mm 15mm 4mm
    ball bearings 61800 ZZ 10mm 19mm 5mm






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