Plaast polymer plastic 1kg

Kunststoff granulat Plaast
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    Plaast or even polymorph is a polymer plastic (polycaprolactone) with remarkable properties that... more
    Product information "Plaast polymer plastic 1kg"

    Plaast or even polymorph is a polymer plastic (polycaprolactone) with remarkable properties that can be used for model making great. The plastic is already soft and easily deformable at 60 ° C. Place the granules in max. 65 ° C warm water. As soon as the granulate has become completely transparent, it can be taken out of the water and deformed by hand. After cooling completely, the plastic is hard but not brittle. It can be drilled or cut with a sharp knife.

    Plaast is excellently suited for parts. Castings. It is even possible to reprint placards. A greasing of the mold prevents sticking together. Even multi-part forms are no problem. Of course you can also model Plaast with your hand and shape it.

    The polymorph plastic can be repeatedly heated and deformed. Plaast is varnishable.

    Plaast does not contain any toxic ingredients !!!

    You receive from us a bag with 1 kg plastic granulate

    Here you will find instructions on how Plaast Polymorph plastic can be used in modeling.


    Plaast Polymorph a plastic moldable from 60 ° C

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