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Kugeln aus Messing mit Gewinde brass balls
The brass balls have a metric thread. The tapped hole in the balls is not through, it is a blind hole. The brass balls are suitable for the weight of a centrifugal controller on a steam engine or on a Stirling engine. The brass balls can...
From €1.70 *
Silikonschlauch eignet sich für viele Anwendungen im Modellbau silicone tube
Our silicone tube is highly flexible and has a temperature range -60 ° C to + 180 ° C and is slightly cloudy. The silicone hose can be used to connect a steam engine. The tubes are ideally suited for supplying your steam engines with...
From €2.10 *
Kunststoff granulat Plaast Plaast polymer plastic 1kg
Plaast or even polymorph is a polymer plastic (polycaprolactone) with remarkable properties that can be used for model making great. The plastic is already soft and easily deformable at 60 ° C. Place the granules in max. 65 ° C warm...
Content 1 Kilogramm
€29.50 *
Hitzefeste Duran Reagenzgläser für Stirlingmotoren Schott Duran test tube
Very thick-walled test tubes made of Duranglas for the construction of Stirling engines or similar applications in technical model construction. The Schott Duran test tubes are mechanically very resistant. Excellent resistance to...
From €3.30 *
Verschiedene Minidruckfedern aus Edelstahl pressure springs stainless steel
Our pressure springs made of stainless steel can be ordered in various sizes and diameters. You get the springs in packing units of 5pcs. Since the dimensions of the compression springs are particularly small, they are ideally suited for...
From €3.70 *
Abil Dichtpapier zum Herstellen eigener Dichtungen Abil N sealing material of Elring
The Abil N sealing material of Elring is a cellulose-based sealing paper with an NBR binder. It is suitable for sealing cylinder heads in combustion engines or cylinder covers in steam engines or Stirling engines. Abil can be used to...
€3.00 *
Aus Messing gefräste Lagerblöcke bearing blocks
These pre-milled bearing blocks can be used for your model building developments. Whether you are looking for a main bearing block for your Flammenfresser or Stirlingmotor or for the storage of a transmission wave for a steam engine. The...
From €2.50 *
Kugellager für verschiedene Anwendungen im Modellbau Ball bearings for model construction
You will find in our shop ball bearings made of steel in different sizes. All ball bearings are offered in the ZZ variant. The double-sided sheet metal disc with gap seal keeps dirt out and guarantees a good smooth running. The ball...
From €1.70 *
Glasfaserdocht zum Betreiben von Spiritusbrenner glass fiber wick
The glass fiber wick is 1000mm long. The advantage with fiberglass Wick is that they usually do not need to be burnt and rarely need to be replaced. We use the fiberglass Wick in the burners for our flame eaters and Stirling engines. The...
From €6.40 *