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    • Thermoacoustics Stirling Rufus premilled Material Kit
    Our model Rufus is a model of a Thermoacoustics Stirling (Lamina-Flow-Stirling). The... more
    Product information "Thermoacoustics Stirling Rufus"

    Our model Rufus is a model of a Thermoacoustics Stirling (Lamina-Flow-Stirling). The Thermoakustik Stirlingmotor is very easy to set up. The working piston is moved at Rufus by a thermoacoustic effect. A thermoacoustic effect is produced when air is heated in a tube and excited by a source of excitation (eg steel wool) to form a standing wave in the tube (Rijke tube). As with the Stirling engine, there is also the cycle of expanding and contracting air (gas). A comparison with the Stirling engine is also given in that it is a closed system, but in the Thermoakustik Stirling a displacement piston is renounced. This makes the design of the engine so simple. The Thermoacoustics Stirling engine Rufus runs close to noiseless. It is heated with a small burner which is felt with alcohol. The working piston is made of graphite and does not need lubrication.

    The material kit Stirling engine 'Rufus' is built according to the well-known BENGS model construction principle. All milling parts are prepared so far that they only have to be deburred and possibly drilled. The rotating parts are unprocessed. The flywheel can also be manufactured on a small lathe.

    Included in the delivery are:

    • Finished milled parts
    • Raw material for the rotary parts and graphite flasks
    • Raw material flywheel (aluminum)
    • Machined wooden base plate
    • Material for the burner
    • All required screws, nuts, glass tubes, glass fiber boring, ball bearings and O-rings
    • Plan Stirling engine Rufus drawings (6 sheets) and construction manual (2 sheets)


    You can choose between the standard base plate of birch plywood or the jatoba base plate. Jatoba is a particularly heavy tropical wood and has a natural luster and a reddish-brown color, which is particularly evident with oiled surfaces. In the course of time Jatoba darkens and existing color and structure differences in the grain are intensified.

    Dimensions Thermoacoustics Stirling engine Rufus

    • Base plate: 170mm x 100mm
    • Flywheel: 60mm
    • Overall height: 88mm
    • Total length: 255mm
    • Working piston (graphite): 18mm

    For construction of the material kit Thermoacoustics Stirlingmotor Rufus, a small lathing machine (min. Opti D180 x 300), a small drill and a gas burner for soldering are needed. Otherwise manual tools, which should be located in every "steam engine workshop", (tap M2, reamer 3H7, 6H7, files, drill set, screw securing glue) are necessary. 

    Product video Thermoacoustics Stirling engine Rufus

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