2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson reversing

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    The 2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson reversing is an impressive model of a... more
    Product information "2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson reversing"

    The 2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson reversing is an impressive model of a standing 2 cylinder steam engine, as it often was used in steam ships or stationary systems. The Stephenson reversing system can be used to reverse the direction of rotation of the machine by turning the handwheel. The model already runs from 0.5bar. At low speeds, the impressive movements of the steam engine can be observed very well. The movement sequences of the Stephenson control system are particularly impressive. This model is not suitable for entry into steam model construction. Because of the very complex structure, you should first learn the basic principles of the steam engine with a slightly simpler model. As with all material assemblies, all milling parts are finished milled with this kit. The rotating parts are included as a material section and still have to be machined by you. The largest rotating part in the model steam engine Tobias is the flywheel with 50mm raw diameter.

    Dimensions of the 2 cylinder steam engine Tobias

    • Length as above. : 152mm
    • Width above. : 80mm
    • Height above. : 160mm
    • Flywheel diameter: 48mm
    • Stroke: 18mm
    • Piston diameter: 15mm
    • Cylinders: 2
    • Weight: 1700g

    For the construction of the 2 cylinder steam engine Tobias, a small turning machine, a small drilling machine, as well as a gas burner for the soldering of large parts are needed. Otherwise there is still a hand tool which should be located in every "steam engine workshop". Taps of size M2, M3, M5, M5x0.5 and fine thread drill M6x0,75 are required. In addition, cutters M2, M3, M5x0.5 and M6x0.75 and reamers 3H7, 4H7, 6H7, 8H7 and 10H7 are required. Files and a drill set in 0.1mm gradation should also be present.


    Im Lieferumfang enthalten sind:

    • -fertig gefräste Frästeile
    • -Rohmaterial für die Drehteile
    • -Gussrundmaterial für das Schwungrad
    • -Plangefrästes Aluminium Gussteil für den Maschinenfuß
    • -Alle benötigten Modellbauschrauben, Modellbaumuttern und Kugellager
    • -Zeichnungen 2 Zylinder Dampfmaschine Tobias (11 Blatt DIN A4) und Bauanleitung (7 Blatt DIN A4) 


    Product video Steam Engine Tobias

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