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Modellbaudampfmaschinen mit Ventilsteuerung Valve controlled steam engine Isabel
Valve controlled steam engines certainly belong to the most impressive machines. Since the control of the valves is attached to the outside of the cylinder, the process can be observed very well. The number of moving parts is further...
€410.00 *
Model steam engine "Danni" premilled material kit Model steam engine "Danni" premilled material kit
The stationary steam engine "Danni" model includes a sturdy frame to which the dual action steam cylinder attaches. The steam engine's cylinder is controlled by a cam and a round valve. This compact yet powerful steam engine is great for...
€124.00 *
Bausatz der Balancierdampfmaschine Sophie Beam engine Sophie
The beam engine 'Sophie' is a steam engine, as it was first used at the time of industrialization. This model is equipped with the jaw once parallelogram, which is used for a straight piston rod guide. The balance bar connected to the...
€275.00 *
Zwei Zylinder Dampfmaschine Tobias 2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson...
The 2 cylinder steam engine Tobias with Stephenson reversing is an impressive model of a standing 2 cylinder steam engine, as it often was used in steam ships or stationary systems. The Stephenson reversing system can be used to reverse...
€345.00 *
Material Bausatz für die Bockdampfmaschine donatos Vertical Column steam engine Donatus
Vertical Column steam engines were relatively widespread in the period from about 1830-1865. The cylinder is located on a flat machine on level ground. The flywheel and the crankshaft are supported in brackets which are supported by...
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