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Flansche zum Verlöten für den Dampfmodellbau mit passenden Dichtungen Flanges
Flanges for steam model construction for soldering in steam and water pipes. All sizes have 4 x 2.2mm holes for screwing with M2 screws (SW 4mm or SW 3mm). The flanges can be pushed onto a steam or water line and can be brazed or...
From €21.50 *
Lötanschlussmuffen zur Verbindung von Dampfleitungen an einen Dampfkessel Solder connection sleeve
Connection sleeves for soldering into the boiler with two different fine threads. The soldering sleeves are inserted into a bore with a diameter of 10 mm and can then be brazed hard or soft. The beeches are made of brass MS58. Due to the...
€3.40 *
Ovalflansch für den Dampfmodellbau Oval flange 16mm
Soldering flange oval made of brass for soldering 4mm pipe. The flange has 2 holes with a diameter of 2.2 mm. For screwing 2 flanges, you need 2x model screws M2x6 and 2x model tree nuts M2. The slim design of the oval flange is very...
From €2.30 *