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Lötanschlussmuffen zur Verbindung von Dampfleitungen an einen Dampfkessel Solder connection sleeve
Connection sleeves for soldering into the boiler with two different fine threads. The soldering sleeves are inserted into a bore with a diameter of 10 mm and can then be brazed hard or soft. The beeches are made of brass MS58. Due to the...
€3.40 *
Verlötbare 90° Fittings in verschiedenen Größen für den Dampfmodellbau copper fittings 90°
These copper fittings are for soldering steam lines and water pipes and can be brazed with silver solder as well as soft soldered with soft solder. If you want to make steam pipes as straight as possible with the fittings, we recommend...
From €1.00 *
Kupfer-Lötfitting Muffe zum sicheren und unlösbaren Verbinden von Kupferrohren Copper braze fittings
These Cu braze fittings are suitable for connecting two pipes. The copper tube is inserted into the socket. Subsequently, the copper sleeves can be brazed or soft soldered. As in sanitary engineering, the sleeves are made of copper...
From €1.00 *
Verschiedene T Fittings zum Einlöten von Kupferrohr im Modellbau Copper solder fitting T-piece
With a copper solder fitting T-piece one can connect three line strings or also lead a line to an existing line strand. These Cu solder fittings are suitable for inserting copper pipe. Subsequently, the copper tee can be brazed or soft...
From €1.60 *