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Kleine Zündkerze mit M10x1 Gewinde für den Verbrennungsmodellbau spark plugs CM-6 M10x1
These relatively small spark plugs are particularly suitable for model combustion engines. Its metric M10 × 1 thread also fits into smaller cylinder heads. The spark plugs fit into our internal combustion engine and can be used as a...
€9.20 *
Kippschalter für Modellbauzündungen toggle switch
Here you will find a toggle switch with which you can start and stop the ignition of your model motor. The toggle switch is designed both mechanically and electrically robust. We also use this toggle switch for the inflammation of our...
€4.20 *
Zünspule 12V für Unterbrecherzündungen im Modellbau Ignition coil 12V intermittent ignition
This ignition coil is suitable for installation in an intermittent ignition. This ignition coil is also installed in the internal combustion engine Karl and can be used as a spare part. In the normal case, this coil is used for ignition...
€23.90 *
Sehr zuverlässiger Kondensator für Unterbrecherzündungen im Modellbau Ignition condenser
The Ignition condenser for intermittent ignition is a component which should not be missing. The condenser regulates the strength of the ignition spark. This ignition coil is also installed in the internal combustion engine Karl and can...
€4.20 *
Ein zuverlässiger Unterbrecher für Zündungen im Modellbau Ignition interrupter
Use this Ignition interrupter to generate the spark. You can control the breaker directly via a cam or via a ram. This article is a serial product from the moped technology. This guarantees a good quality, long durability and fast...
€4.70 *
Zylinderrohr als Zylinderhülse in Modellbaumotoren mit hoher Verschleißfestigkeit Cylinder tube
This pipe is a hydraulic cylinder pipe. The inside of the tube is very dimensionally stable and wear-resistant. The cylinder tube is suitable as a cylinder sleeve for an internal combustion engine or flame eater. We also use this...
From €13.70 *
Geschälte Grauguss Rundstange für Kolben im Modellbau Cast iron round material
Cast iron with lamellar graphite. The surface is peeled on the gray cast iron bars. The round bars are a little over-sized. You can also make a 30mm piston with a 30mm diameter. The material is suitable both for the production of pistons...
From €21.00 *